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manic medic gameManic Medic
Drive your ambulance around the streets picking up patients. Emergency calls will flash and show how long they are waiting.You must arrive within 7 minutes or the boss will sack you!Maximum 2 patients in the ambulance. You have to empty the ambulance at the hospital before picking someone else.Crashing into traffic will damage your ambulance and when the damage is 100%, the game is over.Use arrow keys to move.
snow blitz gameSnow Blitz
In this game you are a boy and have to kill all the people coming in your way by throwing snow balls at them.Use arrow keys to move and W to jump, S to duck, A for throwing forward and D for throwing back.
lucky ladybug gameLucky Ladybug
Get the ladybug from the start to finish line while avoiding collision with obstacles in the way, else you start from the beginning again.There are four stages. Your points depend on time and number of clicks.Click the mouse pointer where you want to move the bug.
static shock gameStatic Shock
You are the famous hero Static Shock. Your mission is to kill all the bots in the city.After killing all the bots you will recieve powerups so remember to collect 'em.Use arrow keys to move left, right and fly. Spacebar to fire and X for zap cap - using this you can kill all the enemy in the fields.
shop lifter gameShop Lifter
Play as a thief in this game and try to steale one item from every store without getting caught by the clerk.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to steal the item.
space runner gameSpace Runner
Dodge the obstacles to survive in this Space Runner game.You must use the correct jumping method for different obstacles.
island mini golf gameIsland Mini Golf
The aim of the game is to hit ball in the least number of strokes. The person with the lowest score after 18 strokes wins the game.To hit the ball, click and drag around the ball to adjust the power and angle of your shot. Release the mouse button to swing.
drunk mo gameDrunk Mo
Drunk Mo is a drunk mouse. You have to collect all the rum bottles to pass the level. If you hit the skull you will loose the health and when there is no health left you will die.Use arrow keys to move left, right and up.
blob farm gameBlob Farm
You act as a 'Big Brother' for the small blob creatures. Try to keep them safe for the longest time. Save them from heavy balls, infected slime and explosives.Use left mouse click to drag them to a safer place.
snow storm gameSnow Storm
You will be working as a truck driver and have to clear all the parking lots which are covered by snow.Once your truck is full you have to empty it and then carry on.Click on the coffee mug when you have finished one parking lot.Use arrow keys to play.
splatberry pie gameSplatberry Pie
Munchies will eat almost anything, but they dont like splatberry pie. Help the munchie avoid the falling splatberry pies.Use mouse to move left and right.
geek fighter gameGeek Fighter
Two geeks fighting it out which can also be played as multiplayer. Fight for 90 seconds in a no-holds-barred, free for all fighting matches, with victory being determined by which player can "K.O" the other first.Controls : Player 1 - Arrow keys and K = Punch and L = Kick Player 2 - W, A, S, D and F = Punch and G = Kick
mario rampage gameMario Rampage
A little mario game where he goes on a shooting rampage. Press spacebar to fire and up/down keys to position the gun. Kill all the baddies for maximum points.
castle cat gameCastle Cat
Play castle cat and roam the castle with a shooter gun - fire at demons, planes, and dragons.Use arrow keys to move, up to jump, and ctrl to shoot.
lemmings gameLemmings
Save the lemmings from falling and killing themselves. Use the five objects from the bottom to guide the lemmings to the flashing green arrows.Don't let the lemmings go towards the red cross or they'll get dead. Rescue a certain amount to move onto the next level.
the fallen gameThe Fallen
The Fallen are two angels who were cast out of the heavens for trying to overthrow the kingdom. Now they have found refuge here on earth ...ControlsCtrl = Punch Spacebar = Flip kick Shift = Reverse kickArrow keys to play, bear in mind you can only perform 10 special moves in each level.
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