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guess 5 gameGuess 5
A word puzzle type of game. Try to guess the 5-letter word in as few attempts as possible. Solve the puzzle quickly to earn bonus points.Each round you successfully solve the puzzle, you will earn credits to play on the bingo board.
reel gold gameReel Gold
A cowboy on a mission to collect reel gold. Your aim is to grab all the gold before the gold rush.Clear each level of gold before time runs out. Use arrow keys to move the rope. Use the down arrow to grab the gold and up arrow to collect it.
bugs gameBugs
Play as a bug in this game, the aim is to save your trees from other bugs.If all your trees are eaten by bugs then the game is over. Shoot all the bugs which are coming towards your trees.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
be the slayer gameBe The Slayer
Play as a vampire slayer, kill all of them before they kill you.Click using your mouse to slay them.
halo gameHalo
A fighting game where you play as a soldier trying to defend your flag while persuing your opponents flag.You can also use the military truck given to you.Use arrow keys to move, spacebar to fire and press ctrl for using the truck.
nub gameNub
You are playing as NUB (a walking head). Collect all the stars without getting frozen.If you step out of the blue path, you will get frozen and you will die.The game has many levels and you have 4 lives.Use arrow keys to move.
nemos revenge gameNemos Revenge
You are captain Neon and the squid have stolen your pearl. Retrive the pearl or you will be stuck at the bottom of the sea forever.Go to the cave where the squid have hidden the pearl but watch out for the fishes as they are coming to get you.Use arrow keys to move and click to fire.
zany attack gameZany Attack
Kill all the space animals while flying through space.There are a total of 5 stages - beware of the other animals as they can also shoot. You have 3 lives. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
guardian of the explorer gameGuardian of the Explorer
A explorer goes to jungle and gets trapped there.Now you must act as a guardian of the explorer and save him from heavy balls coming towards him.If 7 balls hit him he will die. Use arrow keys to move up and down.
fly eatin gameFly Eatin
Help the fat lazy frog eat as many flies as possible by clicking on his belly.
chrono trigger gameChrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger and his friends have been transported back in time.Help him prevent disaster, travel in history, and save the world.Controls are arrow keys, spacebar and M for menu.
adventure of hypurr cat gameAdventure Of Hypurr Cat
Help your hypurr cat to fight against the evil rats and dogs (kill as many as you can). Collect the dustbin to regain your health. Use arrow keys to move left and right and spacebar to fire.
demonic defense 3 gameDemonic Defense 3
You are the king of the kingdom trying to defend your castle from the enemy. At the start your gold is 850 and as you kill your enemies your gold increases.You can buy spells, upgrade your castle, or even repair it.Click on the enemy to fire and caste spells.
fish hunter 2 gameFish Hunter 2
You are playing as the fisherman where you must shoot 3 types of different fishe. You will see the type in the menu while playing.The game ends when you are out of arrows or time.Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to fire the arrows.
hungry bob gameHungry Bob
You play as hungry bob and have to jump and eat the food flying over you.Fruits and cold drinks will give you points and cake and hamburgers will decrease your points.Using your mouse click on bob to make him jump to grab the food. The longer you hold down your mouse the higher bob will jump.You can move left and right by moving your mouse.
sheep invaders gameSheep Invaders
Shoot all the ships to advance to next level. Ships can also fire so be careful.You have only 3 lives, look for a big black ship for bonus points. This game is very similar to space invaders.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire.
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