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swords man gameSwords Man
Kill all the other ninjas. Click to use the sword and click on yourself to jump.
forest challenge 2 gameForest Challenge 2
Forest Challenge is a golf game, try to get your shot on par to get the best score.
space dude gameSpace Dude
A fun space dude shooting game, kill the blobs and reign supreme!Use arrow keys to play and spacebar to shoot
4x4 rally game4x4 Rally
An excellent game with top notch graphics. Use your car to rally round the bend.Press UP to accelerate and LEFT/RIGHT to move.
1 eye game1 Eye
Use arrow keys to move the 1 eye, collect the blue and green blobs to increase your score
red dragon gameRed Dragon
You are the red hot fire breathing dragon, rack up points to move to the next levelUse mouse to play
warthog launch gameWarthog Launch
Move the car and increase/decrease the bombs underneath it to kill the warthog's when the car explodes. Quite a difficult game.
xxiao gameXxiao
An excellent xxiao stickmen shooting game, press spacebar to reload and use mouse to shoot!You can choose to play in easy, normal, or difficult mode.
dragon ball z gameDragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z is a multiplayer fighting game. Player 1 can be Goku, Piccolo, or Gohan. Player 2 can be Freeza, Vegata, or Cell.Player 1 / Player 2 controls areA, 9 = Ki shot S, 8 = Kick D, 1 = Punch E, + = Power up W, / = Special V, Up = Jump H, Arrow Key = Left K, Arrow Key = RightEnsure num lock is on for player 2 to be able to participate.
ninja man gameNinja Man
Dark Ninja and his minions have left countless traps lying in wait of Ninjaman! Look out for spikes, thorns, and other dangerous hazards.Use arrow keys to play.A = Attack D = Defend J = Jump Left/Right x 2 = Roll
dizzy paul gameDizzy Paul
Click JOUER to play.Dizzy Paul is a smilie face who needs his medication to stay happy. The levels get harder as you go along.Use arrow keys to control him.
city jumper gameCity Jumper
You are the City Jumper trying to run and jump the city. It's much harder than it looks!Left Arrow = Small Jump Right Arrow = Bigger Jump
mario brothers 3 gameMario Brothers 3
Mario Brothers (also known as Mario Bros) is the classic Nintendo game. As Mario you must collect all the rings, kill the bad guys and save your brother Luigi at the end of the game.Use arrow keys to play.
zwill gameZwill
Press SPACEBAR to START.Help Zwill the mouse collect the cheese and extra lives. Jump on the slithering eyeballs to kill and reach higher.Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.
bloody pingu gameBloody Pingu
Smack the bloody pingu as hard as you can to make him travel as far as possible.Click once to take aim and again to shoot.
thumb raider gameThumb Raider
The goal of the game is to collect all the bags with gold without coming into collision with wicked little men.When you gain a definite number of points you recieve an extra-life; you may pass the bags with the question mark.Use arrow keys to play
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